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FOR SALE Rules Empty FOR SALE Rules

Post  Guest on Sun Feb 20, 2011 12:49 pm

>For Sale items need to be RC related

>Please use the for sale section only to post about things for sale and to ask questions about what is for sale. Any haggling over price can be done at by PM.

>Everyone has the right to try sell their equipment for whatever price they deem fair, if you disagree with it then send them a PM but in a constructive way and only if you are actually interested in what is for sale or have CONSTRUCTIVE criticism.

>If you are new and want to find out if a price is fair, PM one of the admins, mods or other members who seem knowledgeable on the topic.

>You may only “bump” your post once (1) a week (7 full days) from the LAST POST.

>Posts must be constructive posts and not just messages that could be considered "SPAM" or "bumps"

>Updates for sales,trades, etc... should be edited to original post.


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