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New Mini Body from Protoform.............Retro or what??????

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New Mini Body from Protoform.............Retro or what??????

Post  the DJ on Sun Dec 04, 2011 11:14 pm

This just looks wierd, but still cool like the old woody styling!!!

For many years the Tamiya Mini chassis has been a mainstay in the world of RC car enthusiasts. Tamiya has continued to evolve and improve the chassis that are now into its 6th iteration, the M-06. The Mini class is popular around the globe and offers a tremendous amount of diversity. These fun little cars are raced at club events and displayed in Concourse competitions on most weekends. There's a vast array of bodies available, and this has kept the Mini's immensely popular.

In keeping with PROTOform's home in southern California, we thought we'd offer a unique body that captures the essence of that part of the world - so we designed the "SoCal" Panel Wagon body. With its retro styling, and "art deco" flair, it's sure to capture the imagination of those who desire the laid back "Southern Californian" experience. It can be painted and detailed as a surf wagon, a highway cruiser or a contestant at the Oakland Roadster Show.

It's made to fit all current Tamiya mini chassis that are configured in the 225mm length. To add a bit of drama, it was made to be used with standard sized 1:10th sedan wheels and tires. Selecting and matching your favorite wheel style to the "SoCal" Panel Wagon is all part of the fun.

The "SoCal" is molded in genuine Lexan and has a protective coating in it. It comes with a "surfshop" themed decal sheet. This body is sure to be a conversation piece at the track, or just a great looking addition to any collection.

* Made from extremely durable crystal clear .030 Lexan material
* Made to fit Chassis in the 225 length
* Unique retro styling
* Can be used with standard sized 1:10 sedan wheels and tires.
* Paint-then-peel overspray film, sticker sheet, and window mask included
* Exceptional detail

What's included:

* Clear SoCal Panel Wagon body (1pc)
* Detailed Sticker Sheet (1pc)
* Window Mask (1pc)

14.6" (370mm)
6.8" (172mm)
4.5" (114mm)
Wheel Base:
8.9" (225mm)

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